Decent Exposure is coming soon to a podcast app near you! Together with Jason Cercone, I'll be sharing my brilliant wit and sarcastic nature through the broadcast airwaves, which is probably the best place for it anyway.

What will we be talking about? Marketing, of course.

We have years of marketing experience between the two of us. And, as any good podcast starts out, we talk about this together daily anyway. It was only a matter of time before we sat down and recorded it.

Some of the topics we tackle include whether you need a website (spoiler alert: I get very vehement about this), why you always need to proof-read (spoiler alert: you look like an asshole if you don't), the basics of content marketing on specific social networks, and how we both almost got caught in the MLM loop.

If things go as planned, we'll work in live broadcasts on our social pages, listener question-and-answer sessions, and interviews with experts in Pittsburgh and beyond.

The best part about the whole thing (aside from free marketing advice) is that the episodes are only 30 minutes, making them perfect to consume during your rush hour commute or workout.


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Episode One // The Facebook New Feed Shakeup; Jason Gets Too Literal About Websites
Episode Two // Email Marketing and the Mothers Who Love It
Episode Three // Cutting Marketing Corners and Why You'll Burn if You Do It
Episode Four // Customer Service is Dead. Customer Experience FTW
Episode Five // How to Use Facebook for More Than GIFs

We'll be broadcasting weekly on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and our respective websites.

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We'd also love to hear from you — what questions do you have about marketing that we can tackle on-air? Send us an email to and we'll include your question in an upcoming episode!