It's time to turn your copy over to someone else. Why? The copy on your site cannot be an afterthought. And I'm willing to bet you're treating it like that or you're so overwhelmed, you have no idea where to start.


With more users than ever turning to the Internet to learn about you before trusting you, presenting yourself well the first time is a non-negotiable must.

You know your business backward and forward, but that doesn't mean that you're writing about it in a way that makes people want to learn more about you and buy from you.

When you don't have time to write for yourself or you're stuck trying to figure out what in the world to even say about yourself (because, let's be honest, that shit is tough!) you need a copywriter who is able to take your words and turn them into copy that resonates with your audience online.


You must have a good first impression. And 100th impression. There’s no room for complacency.
— Me, your charming (and direct) copywriter

Let's face it, some people are just better at turning a phrase than others. You want that person on your side working to make you shine the first time someone ever comes to your website, reads a blog post, or receives an email from you.

Collaborating with a copywriter to share your message in a skillful and honest way allows your words to be presented so your customers are able to know, like, and trust you. We all know, trust is the ultimate selling tool.


You don't have to try to do it all yourself.

You got into business for yourself to do something you absolutely love. (I know, I'm the same way.) The start-up phase it a lot of focused work trying to do it all yourself. But you know, you don't have to do that. It's better to outsource it to a pro - someone who can do it right the first time - instead of struggling with it yourself.

I write for and collaborate with women entrepreneurs who want a better connection to their audience.

You get marketing exposure and copy that sounds like you. You also get time back to work on what you really want to be doing. And you have peace of mind that the work is getting done - and getting done well.



What can I write for you?


Email Newsletters

I recommend sending at least once newsletter to your customers each month to stay top of mind. Plus, you have a direct connection to someone's inbox - use it!


Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to show your trustworthiness. You look like a leader in your industry, your customers learn to trust you, and they'll be more apt to buy from you. Plus, it keeps your website updated and fresh.


Website Copy

Your website has to look good and perform well. I write copy that takes the words you use to talk about your business and transform them into what you wish you could write about yourself.


Ongoing ghost writing services are available as well - it's how most people choose to have emails and blog posts written by me.

Other things I can write for you:

  • Ransom letters - Free with purchase
  • Thank you cards - Depends on how good the gift was
  • To-do lists - Item #1: return your copywriter's email
I wanted a newsletter with great content that people enjoyed reading and would boost my sales and social media interactions. And Angelica nailed that.
— Amanda Fenner, North Ave Candles


Here's the Process


Using JotForm, you fill in the topics you'd like me to cover in your emails. Provide any information that would be relevant to include, links you'd like me to share, and photos that should be sent as well.


I log in to your email automation platform and create your email using the information you provided. An email draft will be sent to you for approval.


Once I get the thumbs up, I schedule the email on your selected date and time.



Here's the Process


I like to get to know you and your unique voice. I'll take a look at what you've written before and schedule time for us to talk directly so I can learn how you speak about yourself and your business.


Based on the keywords that you'd like to rank for, you can either provide blog topics you'd like me to cover, I can suggest a few, or we can brainstorm together.


I write your blog copy in a sharable document. I'll provide suggested titles and a meta description for you as well. These will be based upon your selected keyword for the topic as well. SEO is important!


I alert you when your copy is done and you pop it into your blogging platform. I'm happy to advise on accompanying photos, but it is your responsibility to provide photos to enhance your post.

Angelica took time to hear us on who we are, what we do, and the tone we wanted to strike with our audience.
— Sam Laffey and Nathan Shaulis, Porter Loves Creative


Here's the Process


Similar to writing your blog posts, when I write your website copy, I like to take some time to get to know you and your unique voice. I'll usually ask a lot of the same questions in different ways to see what words you use and how you speak about yourself and your business.


You decide on the pages you'd like for me to create. Look for a client questionnaire to fill in. This will include information about who your audience is, what your tone and vibe are, words and phrases you'd like to include, and a few more granular details.


Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I begin to write. My favorite part! Your copywriting package will include one revision. When the draft is done, I turn it over to you to review. This typically takes 7-14 days, though I'm happy to work within your deadlines and to discuss an expedited process.


You review the copy. It's your time to be as specific and blunt as possible. This is your only revision, so any guidance from you is necessary to deliver copy you're happy with. You typically have a week with this document before the notes are due back to me. Let me know when you're done and my final revision process will begin.


I take your notes and craft the final draft. After that, it's yours!

Angelica always understands exactly what I’m looking for...then is quick, efficient, never late, and right on the mark with the results
— Cissy Schuhmann, Eclectica Gallery

I write for women entrepreneurs to connect them to their audience.

Hi! I'm Angelica. I write copy and manage social media for women entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, but also passionately dislike doing it all themselves.

I'm here to lift the burden of figuring out what to write and to cultivate a strong online presence for you through copywriting and content marketing strategies.