Decent Exposure, Episode 10: What We've Got Here Is...Ways to Avoid Failure in Communication

So, here’s the thing. As communication professionals, we’ve been noticing that people don’t know how to communicate. People are being vague, not returning emails, or both (along with myriad other transgressions) and it has to stop. So this is our PSA on how not to talk to people when you’re running a business.

In this episode, we discuss how a multi-level marketing opportunity taught us about  When you’re communicating with people, especially people you want to work with, you have to be direct and treat everyone with respect. You never know if your lack of response (be it a lack of a timely response or a lack of a direct response) will cause a missed opportunity for either yourself or someone else.


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Topics Discussed

  • Jason tries to get Angelica to say something nice about him

  • Being respectful is the way to go in business

  • People are going to connect with your why and your personal connection, not with your product. Operate with the customer and your story in mind

  • Be polite and courteous: respond to your messages in a timely manner

  • Be a resource for people

  • It’s so easy to do something small (like answering an email) and it’s just as easy not to do it; be the pro and do the things that others aren’t willing to do

Resources and Businesses Referenced in this Episode

Simon Sinek TEDxTalk on Leadership
Killing it on Instagram with Special Guest Tori Mistick - Part 2
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson*

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