Decent Exposure, Episode 6: Why Proofreading Your Shit is Best for Business

Proofreading: it’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit. When you produce content that isn’t grammatically correct, it makes you look very disinterested in your business. Over time, it can overshadow your business and make you look like a damn fool. Don’t be that person who is so careless, you can’t take the time to proofread.


In this episode, we discuss the importance of proofreading (obviously), why you should take time to learn how you are best able to process your work if you’re not able to hire someone to help you, how proofreading and being grammatically correct makes you look as professional as possible, a big faux pas of a big company that was captured (and mocked mercilessly) by a competitor, and Jason’s dislike of “kinda.”


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Topics Discussed

  • Proofreading techniques:

    • Have someone else read your work or at least read it outloud to yourself

    • Read things backwards. It takes the context away so you catch missed words and typos

    • Put it away for a day. Remove yourself from it and come back with fresh eyes

  • Proofreading is a projection of you and your business

  • Everything can always be more clear. Edit things down as much as possible

  • You have to get your point across as quickly as possible or your audience won’t pay attention to it (social media attention spans are about the same length as a goldfish’s attention span)

  • McDonald’s forgot to proofread and Wendy’s caught it

  • You look really bad when you constantly have typos and grammatical errors. It compounds and eventually becomes all you’re known for

  • Common proofreading errors (“congradulations,” anyone?) and Jason’s general hatred of the word “kinda”

Key Conversation Timemarks

7:50: If you can’t have someone else read your work, a few things you can do by yourself to improve your writing and proofreading skills
12:32: Be clear, be concise
14:20: The one sentence that can change your writing for the better
17:45: McDonald’s messed up
25:00: Lose/loose and other things you can easily catch
28:27: Kinda rant
32:05: Blame the internet on our informal writing and speaking

You should care because that’s a projection of you.
— Jason Cercone
Remove one thing before you leave the house. It’s good advice for your writing, too. Everything can be more concise and clear.
— Angelica Ross