Decent Exposure, Episode 5: How to Use Facebook for More Than GIFs

Facebook is a widely-used social media platform. Like, really widely used. We share our lunches, post our #sweatyselfies, and comment with GIFs. It’s for whatever you want to use it for. But when you use it as a business, you have to be more strategic. Used the right way, you’ll see tremendous value.

In this episode, we dig into why Facebook is a powerful platform, how to best use it to establish a rapport with your customers, and how we use Facebook to gain trust for our clients’ businesses (and how you can, too).

We recorded this in December 2017 and within a month, Facebook had changed up their algorithm, though much of what we discuss is still relevant. It just goes to show you how fast it changes and how you (or someone you work with) must stay on top of what’s happening.

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Topics Discussed

  • The average person spends 10 minutes a day, three times a day on Facebook

  • Facebook must prioritize what you see in that 10 minute window

  • When you, as a business, put money behind a post, it tells Facebook you believe that content deserves to be seen

  • You never know what’s going to catch someone’s eye - be consistent

  • Social media is social. You must engage and talk about other people to foster a community

  • You have to show your customers that you’re a trusted resource by sharing information about your industry and posing questions

  • In other words, you have to give things away before you ask your customers for the sale

  • It’s a two-way street: you can have a dialogue with your customers on Facebook that was never there before with advertising

  • Learn to love your Facebook Insights to get the best results on your posts

  • Don’t throw money blindly at Facebook - be strategic, look at your Insights

  • If you find something that works for your specific business page, run with it, but test and tweak to see if you can get better results

  • Tag other businesses to cultivate your community

Key Conversation Timemarks

6:55: How Facebook prioritizes your news feed
9:10: Why you shouldn’t post more than once per day
13:45: Stop talking solely about yourself on your Facebook page
17:12: For every four gives, have one ask
19:45: How to see the ROI on your investment on Facebook
25:18: Testing your posting times and why you need to know your audience
28:14: Groups on Facebook
29:15: Tagging other businesses is good

Social media is social - it’s online word of mouth. You can’t exist in a vacuum in the real world, so you can’t exist in a vacuum online either.
— Angelica Ross
You have to establish trust and loyalty first. You do that by showing you’re a trusted resource.
— Jason Cercone