You're one person, why do it all yourself? I provide content marketing for busy boss ladies who don't want to do it alone.


  • Try to do all the things all the time
  • Wish you could spend more time working on your core business
  • Know you need to get your butt on Instagram, Facebook, email, blogs, etc, but--ugh--just don't feel like adding more things to the list
  • Have no idea what to actually write when you have time to focus on promoting yourself

Sound familiar?

I know from experience that you don’t have time to pour over what you’re writing for your website, your blog, and your social media accounts.  And I also know that what you’re sending out needs to be playful, entertaining, informative, brand-conscious, consistent, and incredibly valuable all at once. Oh, and you also have to actually work in your business.

I got you.

I work with small business owners (that’s you!) to put an end to the agony. I'm here to help you cultivate your community in a totally relatable, soulful way using copywriting and content marketing strategies that connect with your customers and take the pressure off of you so you can get back to doing what you really want to do.


The Brains

Who is this chick, why is she here, and what in the world does she do? All your answers are in that little button down there.

The Goods

Content marketing, copywriting, and sponsored content are just a few of the services that I can help you out with. Want to see the goods?

The Blog

Social media and content marketing is constantly changing. I'll keep you up to date with actionable steps so you're always fresh.